How Quickly Can You Recover from an IT Disaster?

It's not always possible to avoid disaster but there's always room to be prepared. Is your information infrastructure prepared for the next big emergency?

How long can your business afford to be without its information infrastructure? Can your business survive a complete loss of data? Do you have an IT disaster recovery plan in place for the following scenarios and has it been tested?

  • Building burns down
  • Server dies and will not power on
  • Server equipment is stolen
  • The server is compromised with ransomware or virus
  • Malicious employee deletes data

These are a few basic questions that every business that relies on their information infrastructure should be able to answer.  Our engineers have experience in almost every single one of these scenarios and if you do not have a plan for them we can help you develop one.

With Lanspeed’s Quarterly Business Reviews, we make sure that we have a plan for your IT Roadmap that will put your business in a place where it can recover from a disastrous situation in as little time as possible – during a time that you and your business need it the most.  We have partnered with what we consider to be the best vendors out there to offer everything your company needs to, first of all, prevent as many issues as we can before they arise, and in the event of a disaster, get you up and running again as fast as possible.

A perfect example occurred recently when one of our clients had a bad drive in their RAID array. In the process of replacing their drive, the client’s entire array failed on their only physical server.  Utilizing the client’s on-site Datto backup device, we spun up their most recent hourly backup and had them running a virtual server for a week until they could get their physical server repaired.

We have also worked with organizations who have had users get infected with ransomware, which spread to the server folders the user had access to. In many cases, this could be devastating and cost the company a ransom payment to unlock the files. However, with network access limited on shared drives and utilizing Datto, we were able to track the time of changes in files and restore the folders back to their original state once the user’s machine was repaired.

In these times of critical issues, it is important to stay calm and focused.  When you are the one responsible for the network, however, it can be hard to stay untroubled under the threat of your company being down. Lanspeed can help you prepare for these disasters and support you in these high-stress moments.

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