Technology Executive of Large School District Finds Cost-Effective Solution To Support High Maintenance Network
Santa Barbara Unified School District has one priority and it is their people. They want to use technology in a way that doesn't disrupt the teaching and learning that happens in their classrooms. They knew they needed more man-power to manage their growing network, but couldn't find the budget needed to hire new top level engineers. They wanted to find a company that could support them as if they were part of the same team.
Three words they use to describe their relationship with Lanspeed:

 Mutually Beneficial   |   Helpful



About Santa Barbara Unified School District

Established on June 6, 1866, Santa Barbara’s educational tradition is one of the oldest in the state of California. Its traditions are rooted in the 18th century Spanish era. For over a century, their graduates have gone on to become community, state, and nationally recognized leaders.

Industry: Education
Size: 25 servers, 1000 network devices
Managed Customer Since: 2014

Meet Todd.

Todd Ryckman is the Chief Educational Technology Officer for Santa Barbara Unified School District. He found himself in a situation where he didn't have in-house expertise to manage the SB Unified network in a way that was reliable for his customers - the students and teachers in the district. Being a public entity they also didn't have the money it would take to hire at least two full time network enigneers to do that work. Because they couldn't pay what the private sector is capable of paying, they were always limited in the quality of candidates they would get. 

He was looking for a company that could provide the expertise they needed, but would also treat them like they were part of the same team. "It's really important that we do business with people who understand the challenges of K12 school districts," says Ryckman. 

Sound familiar?

He wanted someone he felt he could trust and could contribute their expertise in a way that was "more like family than like a vendor and a customer."  




“I like to do business where we act more like a family than like a vendor and a customer. We definitely felt that way with you guys.”

- Todd Ryckman, CETO at Santa Barbara Unified School District



Time for a Change

He knew he needed to explore alternatives to hiring internally and that's when he reached out to Lanspeed to talk about his options. He was looking for man-power, knowledge, and expertise in a partner. They had too large of a network to handle with his exsiting team and it made sense to switch to the managed services model because his team already depended on Lanspeed for hourly break/fix support. 

About the final decision to choose Lanspeed, Ryckman says, "What was most important was that the price was do-able. It allowed me to go to our board and say - 'Look we can hire a company that has people trained and skilled and not just one person but multiple people that could monitor our network 24 hours a day. Or we could hire somebody who, because we can’t pay as much, will be one person and they won’t be even as close to qualified.' And that’s how we ended up with your managed services".


“We were so impressed with your business ethics and the understanding you had of what our needs are as a school district.

Todd Ryckman, CETO at Santa Barbara Unified School District


A New Way of Doing Things

Fast forward to today, Todd is now confident that things will be running smoothly when he arrives at work every day and his team no longer has to stress out when an issue does occur. When asked what the biggest impact of working with Lanspeed has been, Todd identified these three things:

1. It has freed up his own internal team to be in classrooms, on school sites, assisting teachers in a way that is responsive. They are able to get there faster.
2. The worry factor is gone. "Things work 99% of the time and it's not people here running around with their hair on fire trying to figure out why it's not working."
3. "We've gone from outages and instability being the norm to having those things be rare occurrences. Teachers are able to teach. Kids are able to learn. That's what is most important to us." 


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