Technology Executive at Rincon Technology Improves Focus By Handing Off Time-Consuming Maintenance Tasks
Rincon Technology is a company that strives to make the world a better place by making telecommunications more environmentally friendly and easily accessible. They wanted to find a way to monitor and maintain their network without having to hire another employee. They needed their CIO to focus on developing tools that help their customers and stop wasting time on the day-to-day issues that popped up on their network.
Three words they use to describe their relationship with Lanspeed:

 Experts   |   Responsive   |   Efficient



About Rincon Technology

Rincon Technology is a global provider of telecommunication equipment and services. They help reduce the cost, time and environmental impact of building telecommunication networks and increase access to telecommunication resources worldwide. 

Industry: Telecommunication
Size: 50 employees
Managed Client Since: 2015

Meet Peter.

Peter Blair is the CIO at Rincon Technology. When it comes to technology, he knows what he’s doing. For him, IT is his main responsibility, priority, and focus. But in his company of 50 employees, he is the only IT person on staff. He was spending a tremendous amount of his valuable time managing and monitoring their servers each week, time he could be spending on more meaningful initiatives to improve their internal systems and services for their customer needs. 

He knew it would be better for him to focus his time on the "value add" parts of IT and more strategic projects rather than the day to day maintenance tasks that were sucking up his time, but he didn’t have anyone on his team to delegate those tasks to.

Sound familiar?

He needed more time to spend on higher leverage activities, but didn’t have any bandwidth to spare.




“With the new system, I send an email to the service desk team and the guys will get on it. The advantage to me with Lanspeed is that there are more people that know our system than just one person. There’s just more knowledge.”

- Peter Blair, CIO at Rincon Technology


Time for a Change

He knew he needed help and started to research what his options might be. He knew he didn’t have the budget to hire another full time technical team member so he reached out to Lanspeed to see how we might be able to take some maintenance tasks off his hands. He was looking for a highly responsive service team with a wide range of service coverage for his technology needs.

He asked, “Am I really going to be able to hand this off and be able to focus my time and effort on higher impact projects?”

We answered, “Yes!”

When it came time to make a decision, he did some research around best practices and how other companies were handling similar issues. His existing relationship with our engineers and team made the decision clear. Managed services came highly recommended as the best way to take tedious maintenance and monitoring tasks off of his plate so he could focus on the bigger picture.


“It was an issue of focus. I was spending a tremendous amount of time managing and monitoring the servers. Now I can focus my time on new developments and I don't waste time on day to day maintenance tasks.”

- Peter Blair, CIO at Rincon Technology


A New Way of Doing Things

Fast forward to today, Peter is able to focus on the projects that make a bigger impact for his company by handing off day to day maintenance tasks. When asked what the biggest impact of working with Lanspeed has been, Peter identified these three things:

1. He now gets to spend the time and energy that was being spent on monitoring the internal network on more meaningful initiatives that deliver solutions for Rincon’s customer needs.
2. He has a larger team with knowledge of his network that can help him resolve issues quickly. Having multiple engineers who are familiar with his network gives him peace of mind.
3. He spends less time reading text and email alerts about his system because he trusts Lanspeed to keep an eye on things for him.


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