Sod Company Looking for System Upgrade Finds New Hope in Partnership with Humble I.T. Company 
Pacific Earth Resources is California's first and finest grower of sod known for its beauty and toughness. The company wanted to find an I.T. company that could help them upgrade their oudated systems, but they were also looking for an I.T. partner that would treat them with respect and equality. They needed reliable support and a plan to get their team updated and back on track.
Three words they use to describe their relationship with Lanspeed:

 Fun  |   Happy   |   Learning Experience



About Pacific Earth Resources

Pacific Earth Resources is a family-owned farming company known for quality and customer service. They have farms located throughout California and ensure the freshest material possible for their clients. 

Industry: Agriculture
Size: 26 employees
Managed Customer Since: 2016

Meet Irma.

Irma is the I.T. Manager at Pacific Earth Resources in Camarillo, California. She used to be part of a three-person team that handled I.T., but over time she has become the only person at her company responsible for keeping their network up to date and her team's computers working. 

She knows enough to keep her team up and running, but the systems were outdated and she needed help to upgrade them. Her team was finding it harder and harder to get their work done because of the old software and hardware tools they were using. 

Before she met Lanspeed, Irma had worked with several different independent contractors, but had struggled to find an I.T. company that was a good fit for her team after losing their primary support person nearly a decade ago.

Sound familiar?  

She kept finding I.T. consultants who tried to make her feel inferior or talked down to her. She was looking for someone she could talk to and that she could trust to treat her team well.



“We were always made to feel inferior. But not with you guys.”

- Irma Mullaley, I.T. Manager at Pacific Earth Resources



Time for a Change

It was obvious she needed a change and when it came time to look for a new I.T. partner, she knew she wanted a partner with technical expertise, but needed someone that also understood the value of building a relationship on trust. "We were looking for someone with the ability to work well with our people without making us feel like we didn't know anything or turn up their nose at us," says Irma. 

As she came across problems, she started calling individual contractors. "We didn’t really find anyone and so we tried to take it on ourselves to do an upgrade. A vendor at Dell set up a meeting with us, came in to speak with us, and said she was going to look into some companies that might be able to help us. She was the one that recommended Lanspeed and we looked no further after meeting you for the first time," says Irma. 

It was the leadership at Lanspeed and their humble approach to relationships that made the decision an easy one for Irma. 


“[Your engineer] has been a godsend for us. He's just been the best. He pretty much took care of everything and kept me from losing my mind.”

- Irma Mullaley, I.T. Manager at Pacific Earth Resources


A New Way of Doing Things

Fast forward to today, Irma and her team now have a whole team of I.T. experts to help them navigate through the more complex I.T. projects that come up, as well as taking some of the pressure off of Irma for the day-to-day support and maintenance tasks.

When asked what the biggest impact of working with Lanspeed has been, Irma identified these three things:

1. She has more time to finish processing the fact that she'll be retiring and leaving I.T. in someone else's hands. "It just takes a lot off my shoulders," says Irma. 
2. She doesn't worry about backups anymore because Lanspeed does all of the monitoring and maintenance for her. 
3. It's easier on her team to be able to do their jobs because they have so little downtime, if any, since the update and ongoing maintenance to their system that Lanspeed provides. 


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