Local Government Client, City of Agoura Hills, Found a True Partner to Help Navigate Long-Term IT Strategy and Short-Term Pain Points
The City of Agoura Hills is a Southern California community dedicated to creating a city where residents and businesses thrive. The city administration wanted to find an IT partner that could help them plan ahead and explain things in a way they could truly understand. They needed reliable support and an IT team that would treat their own team with respect and a positive attitude.
Three words they use to describe their relationship with Lanspeed:

 Friendly   |   Upbeat   |   Solution-Oriented



About City of Agoura Hills

Agoura Hills is a unique suburban community committed to the preservation of its history, a high quality of life, a vibrant business community, and environmental sensitivity.

Industry: Government
Size: 65 employees
Managed Client Since: 2011

Meet Christy.

Christy is the Director of Finance at City of Agoura Hills. Based on her title, you can probably guess that IT is not her primary focus. She, like many business leaders, was given the responsibility of IT in addition to a long list of other duties. When it came to IT, it was up to her to come up with a plan and get the rest of her team on board.

Before she met Lanspeed, she had worked with an IT company that didn’t understand the value and importance of building a relationship of trust and communication.

They would come in, do what they wanted, and leave without any communication.

Sound familiar?  

She didn’t have a good understanding of how her system was running and when she asked for the passwords to some of her most important technology tools, it was something that was kept from her by her previous IT company. 



"Whatever we need, we get a team of people working together to figure out how we can make it happen. We're part of the process."

- Christy Pinuelas, Director of Finance at City of Agoura Hills



Time for a Change

It was obvious she needed a change and when it came time to look for a new IT partner, she knew she wanted a partner with technical expertise that could explain things to them in a way they could understand. She was also tired of having no control or visibility into what was going on.

She reached out to some of her colleagues at other government agencies for recommendations and Lanspeed had a stellar reputation in the government sector. When it came time to start requesting proposals from potential new IT vendors, Christy reached out to Lanspeed and asked if we would throw our hat in the ring.

After carefully reviewing all of their options, Christy and her team selected the solution that offered them all of the services they were looking for and would also give them the relationship and long-term planning that they were missing. Lanspeed offered a level of service and quality that fit well with their team and their needs, as well as their IT budget.


“Before Lanspeed, I had to handle every issue for my team and it had to be submitted by phone call. Now, everybody can email Lanspeed directly and that really saves a lot of time. ”

- Christy Pinuelas, Director of Finance at City of Agoura Hills


A New Way of Doing Things

Fast forward to today, Christy and her team now have a whole team of IT experts to help them navigate through the complex, sometimes frustrating, world of technology. When asked what the biggest impact of working with Lanspeed has been, Christy identified these three things:

1. They now have a reliable backup system so Christy can sleep well at night knowing their data is safe, something they never had before Lanspeed.
2. Their whole team can call or email Lanspeed anytime they want, which means Christy gets to spend more time focusing on the work she is best at - saving her precious time and significantly reducing the amount of stress that used to come from IT. 
3. They have regularly scheduled strategy meetings with the Lanspeed team to figure out what is up ahead and actually plan for it. They also have someone to explain their needs in language they understand so Christy isn't left trying to justify a large IT expense all on her own. 


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