Earthquakes occur without warning. Are you prepared? 

This checklist covers all the basics to get you back up and running if your important business systems go down. 




You know disaster recovery planning is important. You also know you have about 200 other things to get done before 5 o'clock today that are critical to the success of your business.

The hardest part about creating a disaster recovery plan is not only knowing what to do first, but then also finding the time to sit down and work on it.

This is a checklist to get you started, helping your good intentions to become something you can actually use if an earthquake does strike.

This checklist has 10 simple steps that will help you know what to do to get you back up and running if an earthquake happens.

I want my business
to be prepared!

This checklist will teach you:

checkmark.png What to do first if an earthquake hits

checkmark.png  How to restore your critical systems

checkmark.png  How to better prepare for the next time