Managed I.T. Services for Schools

Nov 14, 2017 8:00:00 AM / by Chris Chirgwin

The ever-increasing need for technology in schools is driving a greater demand for a wide range of I.T. support.  Similar to a growing business, schools need I.T. experts to help plan, architect, deploy, support and manage their I.T. environments.  Wireless networks, security, content filtering, high-speed broadband, storage and device management are just a handful of the technology solutions that schools have become reliant upon.  However, the majority of schools struggle with finding the budget and expertise to achieve their I.T. objectives. 

Children-Laptop.jpgDozens of schools and districts along the Central Coast have partnered with Lanspeed to meet their ongoing I.T. needs.  Lanspeed understands the education sector and has developed a service model for schools that fits within their budget and provides the full range of expertise that schools need.  Todd Ryckman, Chief Educational Technology Officer at the Santa Barbara Unified School District, has for the past five years entrusted Lanspeed with the management of their network and server infrastructure, along with their network security.  “We’ve gone from outages and instability being the norm to having those things be rare occurrences. Teachers are able to teach. Kids are able to learn. That’s what is most important to us and Lanspeed was instrumental in helping our schools achieve this.” 

Lanspeed has developed a four-step methodology when working with schools.  First, we assess the existing environment to learn what the technology needs are.  Second, we make recommendations and provide guidance – a roadmap for the school to achieve their I.T. goals.  Third, we deploy the technology solutions based on the roadmap.  Fourth, we provide ongoing support, expertise and consulting to help the school achieve the benefits of current technology. 

If your academic institution would like to learn more about how Lanspeed manages I.T. services for schools, please contact us at 805-682-9981. Click below to read the whole story about how we helped Santa Barbara Unified School District.


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Chris Chirgwin

Written by Chris Chirgwin

I'm Chris, CEO of Lanspeed. With over 20 years of technology and management experience, I love working with businesses to figure out how technology can be a part of their success story. When I'm not meeting with clients, I love to spend time with my wife and three daughters or to go backpacking.

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